Collaborations without

Introducing a new way to manage your work. Plan, track, and collaborate with more than a million businesses using our Project Management Tool.

If you're working on something as a team, this tool can help you plan, collaborate and

Customize Work-flow

As a business will handle different projects with different teams at the same time, flexibility in the workflow is important while managing it can be a real issue. Our Project Management Tool allows you to be ready to address any challenge from the business. You can manage every step of your business from anywhere.

Dashboard to track progress

We would build a customized dashboard dedicated to your business only. It would give you important insights and a clear overview of your work.

Project and Task Management

In the Project Management Tool, you will get a project section where you can assign your employees tasks and track the progress as well. This Visual approach to project management offers greater visibility, higher productivity, and easier tracking

In-Depth Insights with Gantt charts

Gantt charts are useful when it comes to providing a detailed visual on the schedule and progress of your project and project-related tasks. Recording critical tasks, managing task relationships can be done in a better way with Gantt.

Make your projects at ease

We have created a tool where you can get everything you need. Milestones, task lists,event calendar are there to help you organize complex projects into easily manageable units. Get complete and concentrated control by creating blueprints that automate your task's work-flow.


Our Project Management Tool would not just ease your workflow but also it helps you communicate with other members of the projects. Sharing ideas and opinions would be far handier.

Seamless Collaborations

Collaboration with clients, vendors, employees is no longer an issue. You can do your business work without any problem through our Programme Management Tool.

Track of Time

Everyone working on a project can easily log their billable and non-billable hours using timesheets. It is the best way to track the time that one project is taking.


Did We Mention the tool is Free?

We love our early adopters. Jump on as a beta user and recieve a standard account free forever


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S64 Start-up Management Suite

A combination of Project Management Tool, CRM, Content Management System, and S64 Payment Tool is what we offer as the S64 Start-up Management Suite to help the start-up companies that go under a lot of trouble to establish their business.
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